Headmasters Report

In the middle of August I was handed an updated photo collage of all those involved in Northwest Christian School, it totals 71 members of staff.  I love the picture because it places everyone in alphabetical order no matter what their position in the school is.  Aftercare staff, Ground staff, Teachers, Therapists and Office staff are all together in one photo.

You may ask why I would find this picture so special.  The reason is that everyone plays such an important role in the effective functioning of the school.  Each person contributes to the furthering of our ethos and our expected school outcomes.  I find the fact that around seventy people can happily work together speaks volumes of what the general school atmosphere is like.  We are all united in the task of producing “Godly children for tomorrow’s world”.

If I would add all the volunteer workers to my photo, I’m sure the number would double with all the people who serve on committees, take photos, update the Face Book page, others who come in to help on special occasions and donate to all the various charity drives, not to mention faithful prayer supporters.

They say it takes a village to raise a child but it takes a school like Northwest to raise children who will eventually impact the village to become a better place.

Thank you

Bastiaen Norel

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